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Ladies Section AGM

The AGM was held on January 24. A good attendance heard annual reports from the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Two long-serving people, Angela Aherne and Katerina Ryan, stepped down from their positions on the committee and were thanked for their selfless service over the years. Angela Aherne, former Secretary, has gracefully agreed to stay on as a delegate to the county board.

New officers coming on board include: Karen Butler (Secretary), Anne Lawler (Assistant Secretary), Monica Aslett (Juvenile Officer), Hazel Leonard (Ordinary Member) and Damien Langton (Registrar). Existing officers who were re-elected consited of: Martin Moore, Chair, Marcus Heary, Delegate Club Executifve, Brian Sullivan, Treasurer and Padraig Furlong, Delegate to Couinty Board. 

The new committee is now well-set to continue its role in overseeing the further development of the section in conjunction with parents/guardians, coaches, mentors and other supporters.