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Strictly Team in Training

Strictly Syls 2014

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Strictly Dancers
Susan Lohan and Dave Shalloe
Have learnt new steps and new swearwords so definitely making progress . . . . Why did you volunteer? : I was “volunteered”
Cecilia Zega Kirke and Declan Connolly
Why did you volunteer? : My best friend “pushed” me forward for it!!! . . . . Any words of advice for your partner? : Keep the abuse to a minimum!!
Strictly News
Nikki McGratten and Alex Gibson
There have been tears, foot stomping tantrums, hair pulling, toys being thrown out of prams, hissy fits & that's just the lads!! . . . . Family and friends, and I’ll be inviting the Indian ambassador too of course.
Ann Haverty and Michael Dowling
I was actually volunteered by my husband, Kevin . . . . I would ask Ann to be patient but above all, let’s enjoy ourselves!
Mary Ryan and Billy Kelly
Any words of advice for your dancing partner? : Mind your toes!! . . . Mary it could have been a lot worse you could be dancing with Fergus!
Jenny Murphy and Ciaran O'Brien
My (older) brother Ciaran Murray still plays!! All my kids play and Keith look after the U14 boys team . . . Keep smiling, it will all be over soon and thanks for your patience. Stop looking down!
Anne Clarke and Panner McCarthy
Be grand Panner, if it all goes wrong on the night there is always the bar afterwards . . .Be careful; very, very careful!
Margaret Carney and Fergus Casey
Very good. Fergus and I have great healing ability . . . Fantastic – great being taught by a professional dancer like Margaret
Kate McCarthy and Liam Brennan
Why did you volunteer? : Peer pressure and alcohol . . . We have agreed that I will take the blame for all missteps!
Dee Roche and John Coughlan
My 9 year old dance teacher has been cracking the whip at home to get me in shape . . . Go easy on the biscuits dee, we have a big final lift.
Evelyn Lamb and Niall Guiden
Stop moving his head, he looks like a chicken! . . . I’m a man, don’t expect too much and she’ll be fine i.e. take my lead!
Breda and Shay Keogh
I know some of them since they were children! . . . We enjoy dancing, I don’t have to tell her anything, she knows what I’m thinking!
Aimee Hazely and Barry Mahon
. . . extremely hard not to laugh when your dance partner is Barry Mahon . . Leave the heels at home!
Aileen McCarthy and Anthony Keogh
I wouldn’t say I volunteered - I agreed in a moment of madness . . . 1,2,3 / 1,2,3 – like a maths lesson, we will be able to count for sure
Elaine Mooney and Declan Barnes
It’s like Tamango’s without alcohol ( so we've no excuse) . . . Going very well; I now can count to 4
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